Location: Stalowa Wola, in the south east of Polony.
Web Site: www.bajacarpathia.pl
Racing area: Stalowa Wola
Sectors: prologue + SS Km 80 to repeat several times (indicative data).
Race course: km 500 (indicative)

Baja Carpathia, one of the most prestigious cross-country event in Poland will celebrate its 7th Anniversary in 2015 and is organized by Automobilklub Rzeszowski in cooperation with Polish Automobile and Motorcycle Federation (PZM). We have prepared 5 special stages on gravel, forest roads and sandy military area close to Stalowa Wola. Parts of them are known from previous editions of Baja Carpathia however, a few of them will be completely new to everyone. Rally fans will also enjoy the best drivers at Super Special Stage in Stalowa Wola. This spectacular stage will be run once at the beginning of the Rally. The Rally HQ will be placed in Stalowa Wola – industrial city of east-south part of Poland. Service Park will be located on a hard–leveled ground.

The first edition of our event was held in 2009 with name “Baja Polonia”. It was 2nd round of Polish Cross-Country Championship. Miroslav Zapletal / Tomas Ourednicek from Czech Republic (Mitsubishi Pajero) were the fastest among the 18 crews and went down to the history of the event. Subsequent editions (Baja Carpathia) were the part of CEZ FIA Trophy and Polish, Czech Republic, Slovak Republic and Hungarian Cross-Country Championships. In 2012 for the first time 12 riders from UEM Championship were competed in Baja Carpathia 2012 on very difficult special stages. Prata Pedro Biancki (Husqvarna 450) won in B1 class and Łukasz Łaskawiec (Yamaha 700) won in Q4 class.

Five sandy-gravel special stages, with a total length of almost 340 km, are waiting for drivers planning to take part in Baja Carpathia 2015. The route of the rally, which runs in forest and on military area, has been little changed compared to last year’s edition and will run for a total distance of 570 km. The ceremonial start will take place on Friday, May 1st 2015 in the afternoon in the center of Stalowa Wola. The same evening, drivers will face the first competition on Super Special Stage Stalowa Wola (6 km). On Saturday, May 2nd, drivers will overcome two special stages with a length of 164 kilometres. Two different stages, but this time with a total length of 170 km, will be held on Sunday, May 3rd. The finish of the rally, like the ceremonial start, will be in the center of Stalowa Wola. The rally office will be located in the  High School, right next to a service park.