Laskawiec wins the 10th Hungarian Baja and regains leadership of the Championship.

 Pek wins at his debut but Scandola maintains its leadership.

On his Yamaha 750 Lukasz Laskawiec wins the 2013 edition of the Hungarian Baja, the 10th eidition. Lukasz conquered the title in 4h:52’:04”, winning 3 of the 4 special trials. The podium was totally Polish since the second place was conquered by Kamil Wisniewski (Yamaha Raptor 700) in 4h:56’:07” followed by Zbigniew Zych in 5h:11’:24” (KTM 525).

The Czech Jiri Vasatko (Can Am Renegade) reached fourth position in 6h:06’:34” followed by other two Polish racers, Tadeus Wisniewski (Yamaha Raptor 700) and Piotr Serbista (Suzuki LTR 450).

The absence of the Czech Tomas Kubiena (Suzuki proto 1.000), was much felt after his victory in June of the Romanian Baja. He did not show up for the Hungarian Baja, thus losing title for any position in the Championship.

The Italian Simone Toro (Yamaha 450), the true rival of the Pole Laskawiec and one of the favourites for the final race, decided to withdraw from the race during the second special trial on Saturday out of protest for the dangerous situation he was involved in after some track signalling ribbons had been broken by previous competitors and he lost the direction of the race.

The UTV category has been filled with trouble and forfeits. The race, in fact, has been won by the new entry Pek Ludvik (Artic Cat 1.000) who, thanks to a very regular race, closed ranking 1st in 8h:24’:00” followed by his fellow countryman Dusan Randysek racing on the other Artic Cat Wildcat 1.000 a 31’20”. Dusan was much faster than his team mate, however he met many mechanical problems.

3rd place and a debut in this category for Giammarco Fossà, who raced with the new Can Am Maverick 1.000. Some trivial dust and turbulence issues inside the cockpit obliged him to slow down and forfeit on Saturday in order to solve the problem. At the end of the race, in which the Italian racer was testing the new vehicle, Fossà stated that the new quad showed a lot of potential.

Bad luck for Graziano Scandola who, after the great results in Romania, since the very first special trial on Saturday encountered a few mechanical breakages to his Can Am Commander 1.000, ending up at the bottom of the ranking and obliging his Team to work relentlessly to obtain the precious points he needed to stay at the top of the Championship.

A new location for the 10th edition of the Hungarian Baja, which moved to Pàpa, about 40 km south of Gyor, the previous location.
Two routes, one long 122 km and the other long 79 km, both had to be repeated twice and rolled over the vast plane west of the town, between Magyargencs, Nemesgorzsony, Tapolcafo and Kettornyulak.
The first route, very enjoyed by the racers, was composed of long straight sections of dirt track with a hard bank spaced out by stretches of grass and cart roads in the middle of the Hungarian countryside. The second route rolled out among the dense hill woods and the farming areas for a total of 380 km of timed trials.

The pilots will meet again at Idanha-a-Nova in Portugal from 27th to 28th September for the Baja that takes place over there, the last and final stage of the 2013 European Baja Championship.

Rankings of the European Baja Championship FIM Europe 2013 (quad):

Overall: Laskawiec Lukasz 113, Wisniewki Kamil 109, Zych Zbigniew 99, Vasatko jiri 69, Serbista Piotr 68.
Class Q1: Serbista Piotr 89, Toro Simone 55, Fossà Giammarco 52.
Class Q2: Laskawiec Lukasz 100, Wisniewki Kamil 98, Zych Zbigniew 90.
Class QU: Paris Silvestro 0.

Rankings of the European Baja Championship FIM Europe 2013 (UTV):

Overall: Scandola Graziano 88, Randysek Dusan 85, Pek Ludvik 40, Fossà Giammarco 37.
Class S2: Scandola Graziano 73, Randysek Dusan 71, Pek Ludvik 35, Fossà Giammarco 32.