Mendes wins the Italian Baja 2011

The effort of Acurcio in the third stage is not enough to overtake his compatriot Mendes, who at the debut in the European Championship stands up to the sky the cup of race and Q3 class (1h: 50 ‘: 05 “), especially after the forced withdrawal of Kubiena, leader until the special stage number 8. Acurcio is second in the overall standings, just 3″ behind the winner, Laskawiec third (1h:50′:44″), Scandola fourth (1h:55′:45″) and Toro fifth (1h:56′:27″).

European Baja Championship UEM ranking:

Overall: Mendes Andre 44, Acurcio De Sousa Rafael 43, Laskawiec Lukasz 40, Hangodi Zoltan 31, Mariano Pedro 30.
Class Q3: Mendes Andre 23,5, Acurcio De Sousa Rafael 23,5, Fossà Giammarco 20.
Class Q4: Laskawiec Lukasz 47, Hangodi Zoltan 38, Mariano Pedro 36, Stelmaszyk Jacek 36.
Team: Offroadmotors Quaddy BRP 50.