Pedro Bianchi Prata

Pedro Bianchi Prata wins in Romania

…and confirms his leadership.

A perfect race for the Portuguese Pedro Bianchi Prata on his Husqvarna TE 450 Rally. He won the 2013 Romanian Baja race in 6h:08’:33”, followed by the Czec Rudolf Lhotsky (Yamaha WRF 450) who finished in 6h:25’:16” and by the fellow Portuguese racer Rui Costa, who finished in 6h:40’:25” (Husqvarna TE 510).

Never quite a challenge to the top three racers, the Hungarian Laller Horvath (KTM EXC 530) finished in 7h:26’:14” and the Polish Artur Blanski (Yamaha WRF 450) finished in 11h:46’:18”, delayed by a series of problems and subsequent penalties.

Bad luck for Richard Hodola (Yamaha WRF 450) who is obliged to withdraw from the race at the end of the first day.

Bianchi Prata won all 4 specials during the first day, Rudolf Lhotsky arrived second place and Rui Costa arrived third.

On the Sunday Pedro controlled and won again all the 3 legs finishing in 3h:05’:41”. He therefore increased the distance from his rivals and won first place confirming his leadership in the European Championship.

A very complex race with a special track designed within the Baia Mare airport of km10,60 and two tracks of km 78,80 and km 87,69 that had to be repeated many times on the Romanian hills between the towns of Cavnic and Mara for a total of km 375,38 of chrono trials.

The racers have confirmed that the tracks were made even more difficult by the heavy rains of the previous days: the tracks’ gully was rocky and slimy, like in the mountains: “word of Stephan Peterhansel, the champion of many Dakar and the winner of the race”.

The next race will take place between 15th and 18th August in Hungary for the classical “Hungarian Baja”, in its 2013 edition.

Rankings of the European Baja Championship FIM Europe 2013 (motorbike):

Overall: Bianchi Prata Pedro 87, Costa Rui 77, Lhotsky Rudolf 74, Blansky Artur 57, Horvath Laller 55, Hodola Richárd 32.
Class M1: Bianchi Prata Pedro 80, Lhotsky Rudolf 68, Blansky Artur 58.
Class M2: Costa Rui 80, Horvath Laller 68.